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Premium Stateroom with Veranda
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Summary This was a sailing, snorkeling, beach experience. There is more, but this is what we did.

I'm the guy on the left, captain is right.

Since I've skippered extensively, I naturally was drawn to the helm. The captain was VERY experienced, with licenses for, and command of North Sea oil rig operations. He decided to leverage his experience to this environment, become a partner in the ventures, and enjoy his life. His personality was awesome, and that what makes the experience worthwhile for the passengers. My big rush was steering this hi-tech boat ($500K) and learning to steer without weather helm due to the hydraulic system. Great fun, steered flawless to the beach (when capt took over).
Shot of beaching.

Before this, there is an opportunity to swim and snorkel. What was impressive is the fact that the captain was concerned about other boats coming in when our time was up. He was very careful leaving the area. Safety is very important with these vendors.

The beach was an opportunity to swim or sun bathe. Very relaxing. Vendors on the beach (of course). About 1 hour allowed.
Sunset leaving Antigua.

Shot from our varanda, port side.

I can't state strongly enough how cool it is to have a varanda. When this shot was taken, we already had our naps (about 4pm). We are having cocktails and hanging on the varanda before getting ready for dinner. It's awesome fun for two couples to be able to have a convenient place to talk and share the experience.