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Summary This is a very picturesque island noted for it's rain forest and the volcano that destroyed St. Pierre.

The Couples:

left: Greg and Janet, married 5 years. This is our 2nd (and certainly not last) Celebrity cruise.

right: John and Mary, married 1 year (anniversity), their 1st cruise on Celebrity.

above: Mini-mall at the dock.

left: Bow of Jolly Rodger in front of bow of M/V Galaxy.
The Dock:

At this port of call, and all others, both the Jolly Rodger and the shop on the dock were there. Remember, a cruise ship is big bucks for the local folks, and you will have it in your face. Everything is duty-free, you pay no tax. You have to declare when you come back to the states, so keep the receipts! Although we didn't do the Jolly Rodger sail, we heard them coming back on board Galaxy... apparently, they had a really good time.
  The Drive:

As we did on most of the islands, John and I found a driver to take us around the island. This is definately preferable to "the bus". Generally speaking, you will find that all drivers are "good", you have to select since all are asking you for your business. It's actually better, we found, not to be in the initial wave off of the ship. You should ask about the drive. There you will find if, after spending $120 (plus tip), the guy speaks good english and is someone you want to spend 4 hours with. A good driver, who has pride in his island, who knows when to stop (pix), and who is a conversationalist will make the expendures well worth the bucks for your experience. This guy was.
The Experience:

These pictures do not do justice to the awesome beauty of the rain forests and the mountain views. John and I got tired of saying "awesome". It's immersion, you spend 4 hours looking and walking (if you choose to stop) in absolute beauty.

Upper Left: John and a little dog that followed us as we did a brief trek along a stream.

Upper Right: "The Portal", an inviting path framed by the trees shown. Deep, pure colors, the forest musty smell and the most perfect air you've ever breathed.

Lower left: "Twin Peaks", shrouded in clouds always.

Lower Right: The Volcano in the distance. After you hit the coast, stop in St. Pierre and visit the museum. There is a very nice guide there and you will learn how 29,000 people died tragically in 5 minutes. This whole experience is about the beauty, and horror of nature.