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St. Lucia

Summary Awesomely beautiful interior, worth the ride.

 St. Lucia harbor

Shot from the first stop, on the first mountain surrounding the harbor. As is typical of many of the ports, the piers are also commercial so you see many containers.

Transportation Options

left: Note the waiting buses and their respective drivers. As soon as you disembark you can 1) buy bottled water, 2) get asked if you'd like to board the bus. -or- you can...

right: Find a driver outsidethe pier as we did. You will be greeted by a brokerwho will attempt to assign you to a driver. You can accept or refuse. We accepted and at first concerned that the van wasn't new, quickly didn't mind after we were totally impressed with his awesome friendliness and gift of gab. EVERY car he passed was greeted, seems he knows everyone on the island. Meet Bulias.

left: Gentleman in the middle is "Alexander the Great". A true character, kept my wife amused as she bought some local jewelry.

right: Goat with kids. Get out of the van, pet goats (cute), take pix, hang and enjoy the environment, which is awesome (see below).

Tropical paradise. This island is very close to the equator. This trip was in November, the high was 85, low 72, very low humidity. Except in cities, awesome breeze. Very pleasent experience looking, feeling, surrendering.

Comment on the roads. What's incredable is that these roads (as in all the islands visited) are perfect. The government spends alot to assure that they are comfortable and safe. Often we saw crews maintaining during our drive. I don't recall a single pothole, you could literally skate down these roads. Also, there are constant curves, often hairpin on a steep incline. The drivers are very skilled and very safe, average speed is 35 mph. There are guardrails were appropriate. Totally safe experience*.

Note: The St.Lucia U.S. Consular Information Sheet (9/14/99) and I apparently disagree.