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St. Thomas

Summary Wives shopping, never got inland!

St. Thomas harbor

Composite panorama looking from top of cable car terminal, roof in foreground. Note US carrier left. Great liberty!
left: 3 BIG ships tied up to a very large pier. Galaxy is 1st, Monarch of the Seas, next, and Princess last. There is another cruise ship anchored out.

right: Cable cars coming up. String of three, interesting design. Worth the $7 (as I recall) per for the view.

Seaplane coming into dock from our view on the veranda. Although expensive, as you would expect, the cost was usual for most attractions. I was ready to do the 30 minute flight, but never had the chance.
My wife and our neighbor in the next veranda aft. This is the veranda concept.... hang, yak, look.

It's too cool.

Below is the sea, and the ship's hum, and the gentle swish as the ship cuts through the waves.

This is your space... lay on a lounge chair, stand at the rail, you are private, in your space.

Comment: We do not do this destination justice. Here is a lesson in foreign travel. John and I kissed the wives as they headed away to the awesome shopping here. We did the cable car thing and around noon were back on-board. We expected that they would be back for lunch OB about noon. Never happened, so we ate. Around 1pm we got a bit nervous and hung on Johns varanda looking down at the dock waiting for them to arrive. At 3:30 we saw them saunter up to the gate.

Here is the lession about St.Thomas and any other US territory. "don't worry, be happy". To make your life simple, arrange schedules precisely. Let's face it, when we are concerned about our partners, any number of scenerios can be imagined. This is emphasized when in foreign ports. It is very important to be absolutely clear on destinations, time, and contingency communications (e.g. bring a cell phone, know how to contact ship, etc.)

These islands are very safe. I was impressed with the regulation by the governments, the friendliness of the native population, and the care Celebrity Cruiselines takes to assure passenger safety. Nonetheless, you and your party must communicate!